Macabre Gadgets - Rings made of industrial materials and inexpensive stones for its durable and flexible nature.

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Have I put this up already? well watch it again - Sheffield Steel Roller Girls versus The Inhuman League zombies



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To all: New Virus Alert


Hey guys, if you see this image here DO NOT CLICK IT!image It’s another virus. So delete that shit first thing! Seriously, these stupid things are getting ridiculous.

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So the local roller derby girls were in my college on the one day I’M NOT THERE.


What are the chances?

I’m not 100% we are talking about the same city but I was so gutted to see the local derby girls post on Facebook that they were at the college and I’m flying to the city on Sat. I’ll probably keep my fingers crossed that they would be at the unis’ Fresher Fayre or something.

Aberdeen? Yeah I go to college there :) what uni are you going to?

Aberdeen, Film and Visual Media. Definitely hope that I can take up roller derby even though I have know skills in skating. :D

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I won’t be much online over the weekend and the beginning of the next week as I am moving back to Scotland tomorrow.


Do you ever just get so stressed that you just start devouring a jar of peanut butter?

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